Probably Naval Use

This is a rare American made Revolutionary War period flintlock pistol probably made for sea service. The full stock pistol measures 15 1/2 inches overall with a 9 5/8 inch octagon to round barrel.  The barrel exhibits two beauty band clusters, the first being 2 7/8 " from the breech where the octagon melds to round and the second band is 4 5/8" from the breech. The double banded .69 cal smooth bore barrel is typical of the Dutch trade. The "S" shaped brass sideplate is from a circa 1710 French cavalry pistol, while the triggerguard and butt cap are from a French circa 1760-63 cavalry pistol. (See George Neuman's "Battle Weapons of the American Revolution", Pgs. 250 and 253). The original flintlock is American made and exhibits the early features of no frizzen bridle and an internal frizzen screw, typical pre-Revolutionary War features. The lock plate is unique in my experience in that it has verticle beauty lines at the pointed tail and is made of BRASS which enables me to attribute its use as naval. The stock is "burl and curl" walnut.

Condition:  Very Good.  The lock is original to the pistol and is in its original flintlock configuration (i.e. not reconverted) but the mainspring is broken. All of the surfaces are old finish. There is a 1" x 3/4" repaired half round chip out of the butt where it enters the buttcap on the lock side (see pics.)