JAEGER RIFLE with Maple Stock

Possibly American Stocked

This is an interesting jaeger type rifle which measures 46 inches overall with a 29 1/2 inch .70cal rifled swamped octagon barrel. The plain full maple stock has rather simple raised carving reminiscent of early Southern rifles with tobacco leaf carving behind and forward of the cheekpiece. The English style engraved convex lockplate is reconverted to flint. The rifle is iron mounted, again reminiscent of early Southern rifles.  The rifle could have been fabricated either in Europe  with the maple stock, or in America. Wood experts tell me that European and American maple is indistinguishable, though the vast majority of European jaegers were stocked in walnut. The sliding wooden patchbox is original to the rilfe.

Condition;  Very good. Reconverted to flint. The bone nosecap is a restoration. The only other flaw is that the stock has a newer finish.