KENTUCKY RIFLE signed S.M.Shillito $3500.

Bedford County Pennsylvania Maker Dated 1848

This is an exceptional Bedford County rifle with a fullstock of strong tiger maple.  This rifle has well executed raised carved "C" scroll behind the cheekpiece. In addition to the normal brass mounts (most of which are neatly engraved) it has 15 silver inlays (2 missing). There are 8 double acorn inlays along the forestock, 5 bellflowers inlays, a silver escutcheon plate behind the barrel tang and an impressive eagle engraved on a large silver oval on the cheekpiece. The rifle measures 57 inches overall with an octagon 41 1/4 inch .45cal rifled barrel. The signature of the maker "S.M. Shillito" is engraved in script on a brass plate inlaid on the top flat of the barrel. Finally, the owners name "A. Crider 1848" in engraved on the toe plate. Samuel Shillito was born 1794 and died 1852, four years after this rifle was made. He worked in Franklin County from 1825 to 1835 and then moved to Bedford County where he worked until his death in 1852.

Condition: Fair. Would be excellent with its original finish on both the stock and the metal except that it has been cracked through the wrist and repaired, all done in its period of use.  It was made originally as a percussion rifle and its lock is original.  As mentioned earlier, there are two silver inlays missing, one double acorn and one bellflower (both are pictured). On the underside of the rifle, there is a 1" x 1/4" piece of stock missing along side the trigger plate (pictured).