Initialed "A S" & "E B" and Dated Nov. 1777

This is a nice American Revolutionary War dated powderhorn that has seen multi-generational use. Most of the engraving is in the hand of the initial maker which is fine and has much folky detail such as a woman in 18th century dress as well as "Nov 1777" engraved in a floral band at the base around the butt plug. The same hand engraved the scrolled initials "A S" and "TOKE". where a face is engraved in the "O" of "TOKE" as well as a "man in the moon" incorporated in the "A. S" engraved near the engrailed throat and a serpentine face in the "M" in the scrimmed phrase "Made Nov". A second hand engraved "1839" as well as a rather crude fish, representing the second user of this horn. This was a common practice where a subsequent owner (son or grandson of the original owner) updated the old horn. The horn is well made with the walnut butt being fastened to the horn via 12 small wooden pins. The horn has a pleasing cream colored scrimshawed surface with the throat being cameo carved with engrailing around the raised portion, tapering down to a rope carved ring  carved just before the pedal carved spout. This horn measures 9 1/2 inches across the curve and the walnut butt measures 2 1/2 inches in diameter. A nice folky Revolutionary War dated and initialed powderhorn t a reasonable price.

Condition: Very Good but has been cleaned, including the butt (see pics). There are some small chips out on the horn body where it meets the butt.

  • Lyman Collection