American Copy of 2nd Mod. Brown Bess

This musket is a nicely preserved "copy" of a 2nd model Brown Bess. The full length stock is bold tiger maple and retains an old surface. Given that American soldiers "aimed" their muskets, this musket was stocked to accommodate that feature and has minimal comb and somewhat of a "Roman" nose similar to the early New England fowlers of the period. The brass mounts are American versions of a 2nd model Brown Bess except that they are somewhat simplified and somewhat smaller in size. The last two pics show this musket alongside an actual 2nd model Brown Bess (the lower gun in each pic).  The musket measures 57 1/2 inches overall with a 41 15/16 inch round .75 cal. barrel with British proofs. The stock is cut back for a top mounted bayonet lug. The convex plate original flintlock is unmarked but the inside of the plate is marked "IVK" and is probably of Dutch origin.

Condition:  Very good. The strong tiger maple stock has no restoration, but a 2" sliver of wood has split from the body of the stock below the tail of the lock (see pics) and there is a 3/4" sliver of wood missing above the sideplate where a stable split occurred in its period of use. The wood and metal surfaces untouched. The iron ramrod is probably an old replacement and the frizzed is a modern cast replacement.