**SOLD**Early Philadelphia School Screw Tip Powderhorn

Circa 1750-1780

Nice early left hand carry Philadelphia School screwtip powderhorn with its original internal style screw tip stained dark green or black. The turned butt has all of the hallmarks of an early Philadelphia horn such as high domed cherry butt with a wide overhanging bead near the lower edge, a concave "wasp waist" just above the bead and a small bead near the top, with rope carving added.  Art Decamp in his excellent book "Pennsylvania Horns of the Trade" dates this type of horn ca. 1750-1780. There are several early Philadelphia type horns such as this with documented use in British Ranger units during the French and Indian and Revolutionary Wars. The original screw tip is "pawn" shaped.  The horn measures 12 1/2 inches overall with the domed cherry butt measuring 2 5/8 inches in diameter.**SOLD**

Condition: Very Good. There is a small 1/4 inch chip out of the overhanging bead (see 2nd from last pic). There is an ancient 1 1/4" crack running from the butt outward (see last pic). About 3/4" of beading is worn off of the applied ring at the spout end.