zzSOLDzz American Pistol Revolutionary War Period

Early Rev War Kentucky Pistol

This is a large dragoon pistol which was made during the Revolutionary War period. It exhibits unmistakable characteristics of an early Northampton/Lehigh/Bucks maker such as William Antes and dates circa 1775-1785.  Overall length is 18" with a 10 1/2" full octagon barrel.  The stock is nicely figured tiger maple in its original Northampton style red "fiddle finish".  This pistol has its original Germanic style flintlock with the early feature of an internal frizzen spring screw and "LI" stamped in a cartouche on the interior lockplate.  It has nice incise carving with cameo incised lines around the lock panel and sideplate panel which terminates in a incised fluer de laise nearly identical to the fleur de laise on the signed Wm Antes pistol in the book "MORAVIAN GUN MAKING Of The American Revolution", pgs. 112-117.  It also has double beauty lines incise carved above the ramrod channel also terminating in a fleur de laise behind the rear ramrod ferrule.  In addition, it has beautiful incise carving in the early Moravian style behind the barrel tang.  It retains its original red fiddle finish.  The brass sideplate is flush with the stock surface and is of a military form seen in French and American military pistols of the Rev War era.  SOLD

Condition:  Excellent