SIMON MILLER Attributed Late Flintlock ON SALE $3750.00

Original Flintlock Full Tiger Maple Stock

Nice original flintlock full tiger maple stock signed S * M on the top flat of the 40 3/8 inch .45cal rifled barrel.  The rifle measures 55 1/2" overall.  It has a nicely figured tiger maple brass mounted full stock.  This Miller was undoubtedly made in circa 1835-1845 period and has a roller frizzen commercial flintlock which is stamped "WARRANTED" and retains its original reinforced cock.  The four piece open work unengraved brass patchbox has six piercings in the sideplates and three in the "Q" shaped patchbox finial.  In addition, the stock has 16 German silver inlays and two brass inlays through out.  Typical Miller brass wear plate and toe plate fastened with numerous tiny brass pins  There is also a near brass comb plate running 5" from the buttplate heel return.  Nice rifle with a deep reddish color and bold contrasting black tiger striping.

Condition:  Good, showing much use.  There is a poorly done modern triangular repair on the reverse side toe (1" x 7/16"), but the repair/split does not run through to the obverse (ie patchbox) side.  There is a 4 3/4" x 3/16" sliver missing on the reverse forestock running from the nosecap back.   There are two wood screws reinforcing the front and rear finials of the triggerguard, which may be a replacement.  The barrel has probably been shortened 1" or so.